parent child relation

Parent Child relation

Of the many different relationships that we form over the course of the life, the relationship with a parent or a child is among the most important ones, ones that form everlasting imprints. Parenting is not an easy job, but by maintaining a close relationship and open communication with children, parents can stay connected to them during all the stages of life. Parent child relation play most important role in child life.

A baby cries- a parent feeds, a baby snuggles- the parent hugs. Day after day and night after night, we learn to understand and anticipate their traits and needs, just as they learn about us. These elements form the basis for a developing relationship, a combination of behaviours, interactions, feelings, and expectations that are unique to a particular parent and a particular child.

The Importance of Parental Figures in the Lives of Adolescents. Parenting an adolescent is different than parenting a younger child. Peers become increasingly important in the lives of adolescents and influence their appearance and habits, e.g., fashion and clothes, certain behaviours towards the use of language, taste in music and social life. However, parents still play a large and vital role; they help shape their educational trajectory, their moral and social values, and their broader world view. Developing and maintaining a positive and strong parent-adolescent relationship has tangible consequences. Positive parent-child relationships are associated with higher levels of adolescent self-esteem, happiness and life satisfaction, and lower levels of emotional and physical distress.

Children are always active in one or the other things. But, they always like someone to boost their confidence. Thus, you must provide them with encouragement and motivation to build their confidence.

Many adults maintain an active relationship with their parents. As adults, they can now relate to each other as equals. In some families, the adult children take care of their parents, much in the same way that their parents took care of them when they were young. In a nut-shell, the seeds that you sow today, will eventually shape the strength of the relation that you build together.

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