Frequently Ask Questions

How to subscribe for School?
How we send the Forms & Payment to Kids Age?
Do you deliver it to my city?
Which type of contents you provide in Newspaper?
How to Subscribe Newspaper?
How much does the newspaper cost?
Is there any extra cost for materials like 3D Glasses and Spy Decoder?
Do I have to pay extra for special edition?
How to submit contest form?
How many copies would we receive in a month?
How do we get the Newspaper?
How to know winners’ details?
We have received a form from the School, where to submit and how to subscribe?
We received a form from an individual, how can we subscribe?
In which way Kids Age Newspaper is useful to our child?
If we subscribe through school then, how we will receive the copies every month?
Is there any scholarship for meritorious students?
If I subscribe today, then when will I receive the first copy?
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