Most commonly asked questions from parents are what they shall feed their kids to keep them healthy and boost positive growth in them. Giving an answer to their question, this article will cover various aspects of taking care of your little monsters in a better way.

A child needs a healthy diet to grow and learn in a better way. A healthy diet also prevents various health issues in kids like obesity, diabetes or poor memory that obstruct the way of gaining better learning for kids.

  • The first thing that should be taken care of while planning nutrition for your kids should be providing fruits and vegetables in equal proportion. Make half of your kid’s plate with fruits and the other half with vegetables.
  • Choose healthy sources of protein for kids just as nuts, eggs, meat, or soya bean.
  • Increase fiber intake of your child by giving them whole grain bread or cereals.
  • Limit fried food and try to make more boiled, grilled, or steamed food instead. This will help them in the prevention of any future heart disease.
  • It’s always recommended to limit junk food, especially for kids. It spoils their guts and increases the chances of obesity. Also, avoid packet foods or chips as much as possible.
  • Carbonated drinks are big ‘No’ for kids. Give them water, milk, or fresh juices instead of carbonated drinks or soda.
  • Increase iron intake, especially in the girl child, as it will help them in growth, fight disease like anemia and many others. Give them spinach, green leafy food or peanuts to increase their iron intake.
  • Increase dairy intake for kids with cheese, yogurt and milk.

Not just food but healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour. There are a few compulsory steps that every parent should take for healthy development of their kid.

1) Limit their screen hour.

In the current scenario, each and every kid has just got addicted to technology in a digital way. Either it’s online schooling or games, almost every kid is spending most of his/her daytime behind the screen.  Plan their screen time while managing their learning and fun hours.

2) Engage them in physical activity.

In this pandemic as kids are not able to play in the playground, try to plan various engagement activities at home. This will help them stay healthy and happy. Play with them on the terrace or football at home (try not to break anything at home!). 

3) Educate them in various ways to help them grow psychologically.

Find various learning activities to keep them motivated and challenge them with various tasks.  Keep them busy with various activities like singing, dancing or any other hobby they like. This will help them from feeling isolated from other kids and also manage their stress.

Hope these tips will benefit your kids to grow as a healthy and happy kid. Have a blessed parenting!

About the Author: Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi is a renowned practitioner of Nutrigenomics and founder of DNA Diet based in Gujarat. He is a qualified BHMS from Ahmedabad Medical College and also a certified food and nutrition expert. He started his journey by exploring the science of DNA and nutrition by practically applying it. He has over 10 years of experience in medical nutrition which stands highly unique in the country. He has treated more than 1500 clientele across the globe which includes public figures like actors, politicians, business tycoons, and more to transform lives using DNA based diet. He is currently one of the best experts in the country pioneering in Nutrigenomics-related studies to help people fight against various lifestyle diseases. He helps people understand that the “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” concept is not applicable; instead it’s more about “WHAT YOU ARE”. Your genes guide how your body responds and once you unfold that understanding, you unlock the potential of your inner self. He is now helping people across the globe through E-clinic to reach the milestone of nurturing people’s healthy future.

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