Factors moulding child in growing days

factors moulding child in growing days

Factors moulding child in growing days

“Parents are a child’s first teachers”. They are responsible for shaping the child’s behaviour and cultivating positive values in them. Children listen, observe and imitate their parents. So, it is imperative that they should be good role models. Without these values and discipline, a child misses a very important part of upbringing. As a Mother or Father, a parent has to practice what she/he preaches, to expect the child to follow it. Here some factors moulding child in growing days.

Well manners are taught through formal teaching and good observation. Whatever the parents do or talk, the child mimics. You must have noticed that children generally speak in the same tone and manner in which their parents speak. The parentS should not give too many instructions to the children. Allow the child to learn from your manners rather than your lecture.

Some of the guidelines which the parents must keep in mind:

  • A child understands the value and joy of learning right from the formative years at home. A parent must make sure that the child understands that learning is fun and the same continues at school.
  • A child must learn to be truthful. Being honest with them and making them understand that the truth will eventually revealed, shape their approach towards daily problems.
  • A child’s behaviour is the basis of all good manners. He/she should be politely made understand the reason behind being respectful and kind.
  • Children are often intrigued by the working of the things around them. This curiosity should be nurtured. Take the time to explain how the world functions, in a way they can understand.
  • Never belittle your child in front of his/her friends or outsiders. As parents, you must respect the feelings and individuality of the child.
  • Play with them. Make them understand the value of togetherness while teaching them sportsmanship. The aim of the game is joy.

Having a positive frame of mind is extremely essential in child’s initial years. Everything that the child sees, hears, understands and learns now, will eventually shape his/her thought process. Adopt a positive frame of mind, and make sure the environment at home is happy and comfortable. One of the most important factors to remember while bringing up the child is to keep the expectations realistic. Kids are bound to make mistakes, and that is how they learn. Make the best out of it and teach them. Staying positive and enthusiastic is the best way. At the end of the day, nobody knows your child better than you, make the best of this gift.

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