Easy Ways to Teach Kids Time Management Skills

easy ways to teach kids time management skills

Easy Ways to Teach Kids Time Management Skills

It seems that each year that passes, we’re getting busier. In today’s culture of fast lives and constant engagement, it’s important, that as parents we learn how to teach time management skills to our young. Not only is it important for our children to understand how to manage their time, but also for them to learn the difference between what is “urgent” and “important.” Here describe easy ways to teach kids time management skills.

Here are some simple tips to help teach time management skills to young children:

Try to set examples for your child. Try and plan to start the day from early to drop your child off at school. This way, he never sees you in a rush. Over time, this becomes a normal practice, not just for you but, for your child as well. The secret behind teaching kids time management is, they learn to stick with the routine only if they see you doing it every day.

Plan their schedule. Begin with planning their daily routine in a systemic schedule. Like playtime, exercise, bedtime and mealtime. By scheduling these daily things, we’re also showing them to make time for the important things.

Time with Tech. Help you child decide how much time he/she should spend each day or week on the TV, game console or tablet, and most importantly, how to follow that. Have your child set their own timer.

Be Flexible. Sometimes being flexible is better. While we are dedicated towards teaching, overdoing it can sometimes can have adverse effects. It’s okay! The important thing is to let them understand the personal benefits of time management.

Eliminate distraction. Between cell phones, social media and friends, there are a lot of activities that can distract children from their school work. When it’s time to get down to work, have your child turn off his or her cell phone.

Proper sleep cycles. Getting enough sleep is important to help your child recharge his or her mind. A minimum of 7-8 hours is essential for healthy growth of the mind and body.

Do make sure to set aside some time for family and fun. Over all, the process of teaching time management will be gradual and with enough attention, this will be a skill of great value.

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