Change The Learning Habits of Kids Using Kid’s Newspaper


Change The Learning Habits of Kids Using Kid’s Newspaper

When ‘we’ were kids we learned the hard way.

We refers to the new age of parents of today, having school going kids. Our hard way was reading books lent from library, encyclopaedia (who could afford it), some occasional movies, and reading newspapers (which was often boring). It would be difficult to believe today’s kids would learn the “hard way” in these times of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. In this blog check how Change The Learning Habits of Kids Using Kid’s Newspaper

So how do kids learn in today’s times?

Today’s generation of kids is much sharper than the previous generations. This is not only Darwin’s theory, but recent studies of University of California, Berkeley. But rising intelligence level has come at cost; the new generation has less patience. Today’s kids do not have patience to read through boring textbooks, guide books, newspapers etc. They are more used to audio visual mediums like YouTube, television, animation etc. Although these mediums do provide kids information and the information is more receptive for the kids. But these mediums do not provide information in a structured way. Kids merely get exposed to the selective information. For e.g., in television a kid only see programs which come as per the television schedule. YouTube does give the flexibility of learning what the kids want. But dearth of quality videos makes this learning redundant.

So what is the solution?

At the formative years of kids they need to get exposed to all spheres of information in structured way. You never know what kids may grow up to be. A newspaper is something which gives information in a structured way covering politics, sports, economics, science updates etc. But current newspaper does not furnish information in a way which kids can enjoy reading as well as learn new things. Also they contain a lot of information which is not relevant for kids. For e.g., kids need not to get exposed to news of gruesome crimes and cases of corruptions, which fill most of the spaces of modern newspapers.

The answer is kid’s newspaper which is tailor made for kids.

It needs to be presented in a manner which is attractive to kids, giving only relevant information to kids, in a comprehensible language for kids. A kid’s newspaper is colourful, covering all topics which is most important for kids in their formative years namely – personality identification for inspiration, science topics like astronomy and technology, moral values through ancient storytelling etc.

Hence if you think your kid needs a structured knowledge gain, kid’s newspaper is the answer. Other modes of learning like YouTube and television concentrates more on entertainment, and the knowledge quotient is very less. Moreover, these mediums are addictive, and children waste hours together on them. The transition from kid’s newspaper to adult newspaper and periodicals will be very smooth when the kids enter adolescence and adulthood, inculcating regular reading habits for the future.

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