5 Ways to improve kids’ knowledge

Kids' Knowledge

5 Ways to improve kids’ knowledge

Knowledge is power!

This ancient proverb is even more relevant today, with today’s knowledge based industries and technology driven services. Below 5 Ways to improve kids’ knowledge.

So how do you ensure your kids have best overall knowledge?

It is imperative that a child is developed in all aspects at a very early age. With our soaring aspiration to see our child as an all-round developed personality, kids are often found to be trapped in an unhealthy competition that may lead to depression and various complexities in child’s growth and development. Most of the parents never think to inculcate good habits in their kids that may result into an overall development of a child effortlessly. The most important way to improve a kid’s knowledge is to increase his inclination towards general knowledge and awareness. This would help a kid to be aware of his surroundings and help in surviving the competitive world. He would be able to relate to the varied facets of the world and its functioning.

Improving one’s general knowledge is a slow and gradual process. We, as parents, have to cater to the needs of inquisitive minds, and their hunger for knowledge will automatically boost up. There are certain ways to enhance their general knowledge skills like:

1) Through 5 Ways to improve kids’ knowledge first one is reading.

If it is a general knowledge book, one has to learn it by heart, but if a kid is reading various genres of books, be it fiction or non – fiction, a child can improve his comprehensibility and linguistic skills along with general knowledge. A child’s psychological development is also balanced through pleasure reading. It invokes his/her natural inquisitiveness and lightens up the thirst for knowledge.

2) Second way to improve kids knowledge is Playing interactive indoor games

Amalgamation of amusement and education leads to an interest development for that subject, and kids willingly indulge themselves in that particular game.

Games like ‘SCRABBLE’,’ATLAS’,’HOP ON THE WORLD’,’CHESS’ etc., really help the kids to increase their vocabulary and their knowledge of the Universe.

3) Television or visual media can be used in an interesting way.

We all know that television occupies an adequate amount of time in a kid’s life. It is one of the important modes of entertainment for a child. Parents are usually inclined to many educational channels that really help in increasing their knowledge. For example, channels like, Discovery, National Geographic, help a child to increase their knowledge widely. Besides there are many channels, especially designed for kids who broadcast many art activities, quiz shows on various topics like sports, politics, films, music, etc., and many reality shows are for kids as well. We often prevent our kids from watching cartoon channels, but it is a fact that cartoons can also impart knowledge to kids. They get aware of different cultures and habits of various countries. Therefore, if we use our so called ‘idiot box’ intelligently we may be successful in giving our kids an in depth knowledge on various fields.

4) Involving kids in a healthy discussion

Kids should be encouraged in to give their views on various discussions at home. When a family spend their time together, it is very important to consider and respect a kid’s view point so that they feel confident in dealing with various problems in life. This will in a way enhance their personality development as well as their knowledge.

5) Newspaper reading or using any media

Newspaper is the best possible way to improve a kid’s knowledge. Habit of reading the newspaper regularly helps a person to be updated perfectly. If this habit is inculcated in a child in his/her very early years, he/she will be a privileged one to enjoy this knowledge and awareness throughout the life. Besides newspaper, there are many magazines or newsletters published for kids. Parents should subscribe for kids newspapers or magazines that are specially fabricated for them. Reading relevant topics helps a child to grow a positive attitude toward learning.

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