10 ways zoo visits can benefit your child

10 ways zoo visits can benifit your chid

10 ways zoo visits can benefit your child

Whenever we think of a zoo, our mind gets filled with all the beautiful creations of our ‘Mother Nature’. There can’t be any development without the involvement of nature. It opens the closed windows of our mind, it soothes us, it heals us, nourishes us and a lot more. There can’t be any words to exactly express how much one can learn through nature.

Exactly if we talk about development, we will divide it into three main categories, PhysicalMental and Emotional. All these are interlinked. If any one of these is not working well, then it will affect the other two directly. And only nature is such a field where you can relate all these three aspects. Have doubts?  Just go out and feel the beauty of fully grown flowers in your garden, touch them (physical), smell them (mental), feel them (emotional) or you can even look into the eyes of your pet. You will feel the same miracle.

In the zoo, kids get to know the varying forms of the nature, like strong and bold lion, cool and calm fishes. And here they can relate themselves also, like one can find oneself in a big, heavy Hippopotamus or in quick and mischievous monkey as well. It makes them happy to see that they are not alone. There are other creatures like them, with special qualities as well. It gives a complete healing touch to kids. It makes kids mentally and emotionally strong.

They see the harmony between them and nature. When they see everything practically happening, moving in front of them, they relate easily. They exactly can feel their lives and can become more concerned also. It can prove a turning point where they can get in-depth understanding which can’t be taught through books or any other means.They get emotional understanding.

Will you value something if you don’t have any idea of its importance?

Definitely “No”, nobody will. Here kids exactly get to know, what ‘freedom’ means. And why should we respect it, both in one’s and other’s context. It makes them more sensitive for all. It improves their Emotional Quotient. It improves relations.

Apart from subject knowledge of science and environment, it is a good way to inculcate moral values, as nature always ‘Gives without conditions and never harms’. Here kids learn to give, share the space with others. They learn to love without conditions.

They learn the language of love and emotions. As here, no language works between them, other than that of love and feelings. Do you know animals can quickly get your intentions; they can easily get what’s there in your mind? Yes and even research has evidences of the same.

Let’s play a mind game – think yourself in a closed, fully furnished room. Now, imagine yourself in a zoo. What changes do you experience? Your imagination must have moved from a closed to a vast area, from dark to bright shade, from dull to liveliness. Isn’t it? Same goes with kids also. Such visit energises them, rejuvenates them and makes them more creative and livelier. So, let’s go to the Zoo.

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