Reading Ambassador

Kids Age Reading Ambassador

As it has always been the primary mission of Kids Age to cultivate reading habits in young children, it has come up with a new drive, Kids Age Reading Ambassador.

Kids Age Reading Ambassador encourages the habit of reading in young children explaining its importance and the enjoyment involved.

Reading Ambassadors are children with a passion for reading and who want to encourage others to have a love for reading too.

Who can be a Kids Age Reading Ambassador?

All the enthusiastic children who read and can spread the awareness of reading by talking to children, parents, and teachers possess the power of becoming a Kids Age Reading Ambassador.

Reading Ambassadors are chosen for their love of reading, their willingness to share this passion with others and enthusiasm to promote reading throughout the school.

Role of the Kids Age Reading Ambassador:

  • Visiting schools and arranging sessions on Importance of Reading Habits
  • Organising Reading Events across schools, libraries and social media platforms
  • Learning about new technologies in the field of reading and encouraging other kids towards it
  • Promotion of reading through Kids Age newspaper