A Chance to Enhance your Skills and Creativity
Kids Age brings to its readers a plethora of monthly contests to rev up the gears of their brains and allow them to explore their creative and innovative sides. These contests are held for all our readers in accordance with their age group so as to challenge and interest every child equally.
Prizes, certificates, and goodies are given not only to the winners but to the participants as well; this helps in motivating the students to put in their best efforts. Moreover, parents get to spend quality time with their children, building memories and getting to know the gem their child truly is.
These contests are not only entertaining but also help in the development of our young readers in a variety of ways:
  • Develop a competitive spirit in young minds
  • Give a chance to showcase their talents and discover various inborn abilities
  • Build confidence in students that allows them to participate more
  • Teache various participation skills and also make them understand that it is more important to participate than winning.

Monthly Contest List

December Month’s Contest

  • Seedling: Santa’s House Contest
  • Junior: Write a letter to Santa Competition
  • Senior: Christmas Stamp Contest

January Month’s Contest

  • Seedling: Kite Decoration Contest
  • Junior: Spread Indian Colors Contest
  • Senior: Handwriting Competition

February Month’s Contest

  • Seedling: Spray Painting With Toothbrush Contest
  • Junior: Pencil Shaving Artwork Contest
  • Senior: Matchstick Artwork Contest

March Month’s Contest

  • Junior: WordArt Drawing ‘Happy Holi’ Contest
  • Seeding: Sponge Painting Contest
  • Senior: Newspaper Landscape Holi Artwork Contest